Thursday, August 19, 2010

#30 - Feathers by Jacqueline Woodson

This book was a 2008 Newbery Honor Book.
This was a very quick 118 read. Here is what the inside cover has to say:
"Frannie doesn't know what to make of the poem she's reading in school. She hasn't thought much about hope. There are so many other things to think about. Each day, her friend Samantha seems a bit more "holy." There is a new boy in class everyone is calling the Jesus Boy. And although the new boy looks like a white kid, he says he's not white. Who is he?
During a winter full of surprises, good and bad, Frannie starts seeing a lot of things in a new light - her brother Sean's deafness, her mother's fear, the class bully's anger, her best friend's faith and her own desire for "the thing with feathers."
Newbery Honor Award - winning author Jacqueline Woodson once again takes readers on a journey into a young girl's heart and reveals the pain and the joy of learning to look beneath the surface."
Basically, the theme of this book is hope and looking inside of people to who they really are. I liked the spiritual references. When Samanthat admitted she thought the new boy WAS Jesus returning, the others started looking for Jesus everywhere.
Overall, a very good read! I will pass it on to my girls!

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