Sunday, October 24, 2010

Made in the USA by Billie Letts

Let me emphasize - this is NOT a children's book. I repeat, NOT a children's book.
"Lutie McFee's history has taught her to avoid people, to places, and to almost everything. With her mother long dead and her father gone to find his fortune in Las Vegas, fifteen year old Lutie lives in the godforsaken town of Spearfish, South Dakota, with her 11 year old brother, Fate, and Floy Satterfield, the three hundred pound ex-girlfriend of her father. While Lutie shoplifts for kicks, Fate spends most of his time reading, watching weird TV shows, and worrying about global warming.
As if their life were not dismal enough, one day, while shopping in their local Wal-Mart, Floy keels over and the two motherless kids are suddenly faced with the choice of becoming wards of the state or hightailing it out of town in Floy's old Pontiac."
If you are looking for a nice, light, fluffy happy-go-lucky read, this is not for you. The first 2/3 of the book was extremely depressing and emotionally difficult to read. However, it was definitely a page turner - full of action. There are lots of heavy topics discussed in this book - homelessness, stealing, drug use, rape, pornography, language - so if you are sensitive, be forewarned.
I try to read these kinds of books with an open mind - this particular story might not be true, but there are many similar stories out there that ARE ture. And it makes my heart break for kids in these types of situations.
Fortunately, this book DOES have a happy ending!

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