Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#53 - Missing May by Cynthia Rylant

1993 Medal Winner
"May stopped by beside the trailer - May who was always 'a big barrel of nothing but love,' May who had been Summer's mother for the last 6 happy years, May who was dead. But only old Ob, her sorrowing husband, sensed her visitation.
Summer was none too pleased at the news. Wasn't it enough that she missed May terribly, that she was singlehandedly trying to keep Ob from dying himself? She needed to hear from May directly. And now, to confound all, crazy Cletus Underwood, from Summer's seventh grade, had become involved.
Cletus, like Ob, believed in the spirit world. He was mightily pleased to wait in May's garden while Ob and Summer cocked their ears and scanned the sky of West Virginia for a sign.
Word came, but from a source different than expected when finally Summer, Cletus and Ob set off to Putnam County to see The Reverend Miriam B. Young, Small Medium at Large, who Cletus had read about. Word came for Summer a night later, direct as could be."
Missing May is a sweet, but heartbreaking story about a grieving family. I think that anyone who has lost a loved one can identify with searching for signs of their lost loved one in everything around them.

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