Monday, June 6, 2011

#77 - Getting Near to Baby by Audrey Coloumbis

2000 Honor Book

"Willa Jo is up on the roof at Aunt Patty's house. She went up there to see the sunrise, and Little Sister followed her, like she always does. But by mid-morning, Willa Jo is still up on that roof, and she knows it wasn't just the sunrise that brought her there.

The trouble is, once she climbs up, Willa Jo can't seem to come down. Coming down would mean she'd have to explain. And how can she explain?"

This was a really sad, but good, book about grief. Willa Jo, Little Sister (JoAnne), and their mom are grieving over the loss of Joy, otherwise known as Baby, Willa Jo's baby sister. Their mom is so overcome with grief that she can't properly care for Willa Jo and Little Sister. So, their Aunt Patty takes them in. Aunt Patty means well, but does not understand their ways of coping.

Although it was sad, it was also very sweet. And the ending is one that warms your heart. Highly recommend this one!

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