Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#79 - Nothing but the Truth by Avi

1992 Honor Book

"Ninth grader Philip Malloy has one thing on his mind: running. When a failing English grade keeps him from joining the track team, he believes his teacher, Miss Narwin, has it in for him. One morning during announcements, he disregards the school's policy of observing "The Star Spangled Banner" in respectful silence and hums along, hoping to get transferred out of her class. Little does he know that his minor infraction will make him the subject of national media attention. What truly happened that morning in Miss Narwin's class? Examine the events and reach your own conclusion. But - can you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth."

This book was written with the purpose of having the reader examine every side of this story from a legal viewpoint and decide what really happened and whose case would win if brought to court. My 7th grade daughter said that her class did this, and she enjoyed it. I think it is a really interesting idea for a book. This would be MY conclusion: I think that Philip did what he did not out of patriotism, but with the purpose of annoying his teacher so that he could get out of her class. When things didn't go the way he planned, he claimed that his rights to express patriotism were violated. Things kind of blew up from there. What happened on the very last page of this book puzzled me though, and I truly don't understand how it fits into the story...

I do recommend this book - very interesting!

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